Drink Driving – The Risks

Every driver should know that the legal alcohol limit is 80 milligram’s, what may not be as well known is that in England, Wales and Northern Ireland an average of 3,000 people are killed or seriously injured each year in drink-drive collisions.

Alcohol can affect each driver differently even small amounts of alcohol can affect your ability to drive.

The effects include:

  • Slower Reactions.
  • Blurred and double vision.
  • Poorer judgement of speed and distance.
  • Failure to obey road rules.
  • Over confidence, which may lead to risk taking.

Young drivers tend to get in accidents whilst having passengers in the car so if you’re under the influence of alcohol you’re not just putting yourself at risk, your friends lives will be at risk to!



The consequences if you are caught over the legal alcohol limit:

  • Banned from driving for at least 12 months
  • Fined up to £5,000
  • 3 to 11 penalty driving points
  • 6 months’ imprisonment

If you are caught drink driving more than once in a 10 year period, you’ll be banned for at least three years.


These below are the everyday consequences of drink driving:

  • Your car insurance will likely DOUBLE – According to uSwitch.com
  • £33,000 in potential Loss of Earnings – Based on the gov.uk research.
  • Difficulties in travelling to countries like Australia and USA.
  • A criminal record – the drink driving endorsement lasts for 11 years on your licence.
  • Losing the use of the car, a real restriction on the things you may have done previously.

So next time you decide to enjoy a drink, make sure you’ve got your route home planned and that it doesn’t involve you driving yourself anywhere.






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