First Driving Lesson? Find Out What To Expect Here

So your provisional licence has arrived and it now time to embark on the next chapter of your life.

What to expect on your first driving lesson

If you are starting your driving lessons and you want to know what your first lesson may be like, here we will discuss what you will be doing and learning.

Before your lesson:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Make sure you have breakfast
  • Wear comfy shoes that have a good grip e.g. trainers
  • Remember your glasses if you wear them
  • Don’t forget your provisional

The pick-up 

When you meet your driving instructor you won’t be getting in the driving seat straight away so you won’t have to worry about that before you get in the car. Your driving instructor will take you to an area with quiet roads so that you can get to grips with the basics.


The cock-pit drill

When you’ve arrived at your quiet road/street your instructor will have you switch to the driving seat where they will explain to you the cockpit drill. The cockpit drill will involve an explanation of the cars controls and instruments such as the indicator.

The checks you need to do every time before you drive:

  • Doors securely closed
  • Seat in a comfortable position
  • Steering position established
  • Seatbelt is on
  • Mirrors adjusted


You will then get a run-through of the accelerator, brake and clutch it’s easy to remember by ABC.  You will also learn how to use the handbrake, indicator and how to change gear. Don’t be afraid to ask the driving instructor to go through again if you don’t get it at first.


Moving off

Finally it’s time to drive before you take off your instructor will explain a few key procedures:

  • Getting ready to use the gears
  • Checking your mirrors and blind spot
  • Signalling with your indicator
  • Clutch control
  • Changing gear
  • Stopping the car, covering the brake and clutch
  • Curb side parking

Try to relax once you’ve hit the road, your instructor is always there to help you so there’s no need to be scared.

Here at Speedi Driving School, we love to hear about your experiences. so please let us know how your first lesson was? it doesn’t need to be your first lesson with Speedi, it could be with any driving school/instructor.

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